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Friday, Oct 21, 2016

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The Institute of Pastoral Management (IPM), the flagship program of the Church of South India that equips Pastors with the managerial skills is held from 17-21 October 2016 at CSI Synod Centre. Forty Two pastors, including women, belonging to 23 Dioceses of CSI have attended this third batch I the Phase-II of the program. As per the design of the program, all those who attended the training in Phase-I attend the Phase-II program as well where different subjects pertaining to the ministry will be dealt from management perspective. Rev. K. James Cecil Victor, the Director of Pastoral Concerns Department has said the opening prayer and welcome address after which the participants have shared the impact stories. Human Rights Management, Finance Management, Time management, UMOJA, Bible Studies, insights on Personal Law and Property Law, Communication Technologies have found to be useful in their ministries in different contexts.

Mr. Joseph Sahayam, the Emergency Officer at CASA has facilitated the Disaster Management subject who explained the Disaster Management Cycle, why disasters are a development concern and how disasters can be reduced. Chartered Accountant Kandasamy has led the sessions on Finance Management highlighting the budgeting and the internal controls for the purpose of accountability and management of resources responsibly. Human Rights (HR) being a vast area to deal with, a team of faculty from college of Law, Madras University and Dr. B.R. Ambedker University have facilitated subject under the guidance of Dr. David Ambrose, the HOD of the College of Law, Madras University. Dr. Raja Sheker has introduced the origin and development of Human Rights while Dr. Venu Gopal has explained the Human Rights and the Indian Constitution. While Dr. Sangeetha spoke about the Human Rights from the perspective of the Vulnerables such as children and women, Rev. Dr. Kriba Lilly Elizabeth spoke from the Transgenders’ perspective. The Panel Discussion facilitated by Dr. Ambrose gave a space for the participants to get their queries clarified.

Stress Management was the most sought after subject which was handled by Mr. John Selvaraj, Senior Director for People and Culture (Human Resources) at World Vision India. Causes of stress, effects of stress, coping and conquering stress were the areas of learning. Mr. J. S. Anbu, the Executive Director of Christian Institute of Management (CIM) has shared the Management Skills along with problem solving skills that are very pertinent to the times. Mr. Raja Christopher, the manager, Operations at CIM has led a session on Conducting Meetings Effectively. The session enabled the participants to learn the importance of preparation for the meeting, consensus decision making and recording the minutes of the meeting. Adv. Chilkuri Sham Rao, led the sessions on Minority Rights. He distinguished the legal rights and fundamental rights and what are the avenues available for remedies when the minority rights are violated.

The feedback session gave a space for the participants to share what they felt about the program and even make suggestions.  “This program equips us to serve the poor and the marginalized more effectively” Said, Rev. Giri Prasad from Medak Diocese. “All the sessions were good. Finance Management is very useful as the finance management reflects the credibility of the individuals and the institutions” remarked, Rev. Mrs. Mary Jessi from Trichy Tanjore Diocese.  Rev. Prince from Cochin Diocese opines that the IPM helps the pastors to be equipped to manage the institutions and also address the issues professionally. Rev. Cecil expressed his gratitude to the officers for their constant support and encouragement and the Bishops for sending the pastors to participate in the program.


Rev. K. James Cecil Victor

Director, Pastoral Concerns