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Relevant Pedagogy for Christian Education Today
Friday, Sep 25, 2015

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The Department of Christian Education has organised a 3days workshop from 25-27, September, 2015 on “Relevant Pedagogy for Christian Education Today”  46 participants from 20 Dioceses  attended the programme enthusiastically.  Mr. Prabhu, the Director of Kids Kount, Bangalore led the workshop very effectively.  Before presenting various methodologies, he enlightened the participants on understanding the current generation and their aptitudes which is vital to use relevant pedagogy.  Later he taught “10 principles on creating different methods to teach”.  These are the following :  1.  Direct experience  2. Made-up situations  3. Drama  4. Demonstration  5. Field trips  6.Motion pictures  7. Exhibitions  8. Audio  9. Visual  10. Verbal.  Each method was demonstrated through visual aids and group activities.  Finally, the session focused on criteria for lesson preparation.  Planning the lesson, visuals and time was the main focus of the session.  Participants have expressed that this was one of the most useful workshops they ever attended!