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Sunday School Teachers Licentiate Course: 9-11 January, 2015 in Medak
Friday, Jan 09, 2015

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Sunday School Teachers’ Licentiate Course was held for the Sunday School Teachers of Medak Diocese from 9-11th January 2015 at Cathedral Compound, Medak. The Department of Pastoral Concerns held the program in partnership with the Diocese of Medak, under the patronage of its Bishop The Most. Rev. Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam. About 130 Sunday School Teachers and Superintendents have attended this three days training programme.  Rev. A.C. Solomon, The Vice Chairman of the Diocese, Rev. B. Winston, the Ministerial Secretary of the Diocese, Rev. Y. Robinson, The Chairperson of Medak District Church Council and Rev. K. James Cecil Victor, Director, Department of Pastoral Concerns, Synod were part of the Inaugural service. The Sunday School Children of Medak Cathedral have performed a welcome dance after which the lamp was lit as a sign of God’s presence. Rev. A.C. Solomon has given the inaugural address while Rev. B. Winston encouraged the participants by his greetings. In his keynote address Rev. Cecil has presented the aims and objectives of Christian Education and also several challenges we face in our own contexts.

Various pertinent subjects such as Historical and Biblical Foundations for Children’s Ministry, Significance of Christian Education, Organization of Sunday School in Local Congregations, Modern Trends and Challenges in Children’s Ministry, Creative Methods of Teaching and so on were dealt by eminent Christian educators.  Rev. Mrs. Shanthi Roberts, Rev. Dr. B. Krupa Victor, Dr. Chiranjeevi and Mr. Z.T. Sudhaker have lead the sessions effectively. The participants have expressed that such training programs should be conducted periodically. Also they expressed that the Church of South India should have its own curriculum for Christian Education (revised editions of Wings of Faith). Participants have pledged their oath in the Holy Communion Service held in the Cathedral on Sunday that they will render their services with more vigour and dedication. The certificates were given by the Director, Pastoral Concerns Department, and other dignitaries attended the valedictory service.