“Gospel Galvanizing Grassroots towards Transformation-A Mission Journey”
Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020

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The Department of Mission and Evangelism of the Church of South India (CSI) Synod along with DME Vellore Diocese has organized a mission journey through certain churches and mission centres of Vellore Diocese on 8th to 9th November 2020. The Rt. Rev. H. Sharma Nithiyandham, Bishop in Vellore Diocese has led the journey. The team has visited CSI Ratchagar Aalayam in Iruvaram Pastorate and Karadivaripalli on the first day of visit and witnessed the inauguration of Compound wall, laying of the foundation stone for a parsonage and the dedication of newly constructed Church building in Karadivaripally. The President of Indian Missionary Society (IMS)- Rev. Soudera Pandian and his wife Elizabeth was present on this occasion as special guests. It was the perennial moments to witness the innocent faith, celebration of life and the enthusiasm of the village people.

On the second day of Mission journey, the team has visited St. Luke's CSI Church, Chittoor where there was a special missional gathering for the missionaries of Northern area of Vellore Diocese. Nine missionaries have attended the special meeting in which they have submitted their field reports. Subsequently, there was a short exhortation led by Bishop H. Sharma Nithiyandham. Bishop encouraged missionaries to place their trust upon God without any doubt. He further added that all missionaries have to maintain the prayerful life along with Bible reading and meditation. The mission is a gift of God. The gospel induces to moving ahead for the well-being all. We must be ready to stand with the most vulnerable in the community. We must consider helping activities like helping to fill up Muthaliyar pension application form, cleaning the village, guiding and interacting with elderly people as the part of the missional engagements, he added.

Afterwards, the team has visited Beattie Missionary School and the handicraft training centre as an initiative of Synod Youth Department. It was a woman empowerment program which moving well.  After that, the team has visited Penumur, Thiruvanaampaali Village in Kanipakkam Mission field, Rangampalli and Yenadhi Colony Villages in Aragonda Mission field.

During these visits, there was heart-touching and challenging experiences that occurred from the local people.  One of the challenging experiences was the meeting with a girl child named Monica along with her father in Moppiriddipally. She is at the age of ten and lost her mother and living with her father. She was remarkably enthusiastic while she was introducing her father’s baptismal name as Yesu Rajah. Since they became the followers of the gospel movement, they were faced lots of opposition from their villagers-many times they were attacked, stoned by the villagers and faced marginalization and isolations. Yet, it was visible that both of them was ready to uphold their ardent faith and hope in Christ even in the midst of struggles. Monica seems to be a very potential girl and she is eagerly looking forward to her bright future with any sustainable support and encouragements. Since they are financially and socially backward, they really needed constant support to build up their life. If Monica can avail a good education, she would be a remarkable asset to the entire community. This experience shed light into the missional challenges in which the church has to take up. Undoubtedly, assure her future is one of the major missions which church has to initiated in the marginalized villages. It is obvious that gospel galvanizing grassroots towards transformation. Monica, a little girl is one of the icons towards it.  

The Mission journey was accompanied by Rev. DSC Menon- Vellore Diocesan Mission Director, Rev. Samuel Babu- Northern Area Chairman, Rev. Dalwin Christudoss-Northern Area Secretary, Samuel and Sathya from Vellore and Rev. Maxcin John along with Bishop H. Sharma Nithiyanandham.


Rev. Maxcin John
Director, Department of Mission and Evangelism,
CSI Synod.

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