Rural Women & Eradication of Proverty” in the Context of EMPIRE
Friday, Oct 18, 2019

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JEDP and Women DARE program of CSI SEVA recognizes the role of rural women in “enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty”, by observing “International Day of Rural Women” followed by “World Food Day” and “The World day for the Eradication of Poverty”. In order to observe these days of international importance, CSI SEVA conducted two days of brainstorming event at Parkal, Warangal on 15th and 16th October 2019.

15th October: International Day of Rural Women
Role of rural women in society, particularly in areas such as economic empowerment and agricultural development.

The backbone of our nation lies in empowering the rural women and to build a sustainable society. The bible study by Rev. Babu Rao emphasis the vitality of empowering Christian women and to lend hands for their betterment. The keynote address delivered by Rev. Shalu Mathew focuses “Women, Hunger and Poverty” through the discrimination of Dalit women by their husband and his family. The exquisite attributes of women and history of Parkal mission were highly remembered.

Professor Erragattu Swamy (Retired economic department director, 2014) discussed “The Role of Women in Agricultural Development”, India being the agricultural land, 80% women indulge in agriculture as daily labourers and seasonal labourers.  More than men, women work for 3300 hours – the usage of natural pesticides were gone. The yield using natural pesticides: 94% paddy, maize products, 47% of Tea , 46% of cotton , 35% vegetables.

Dr. Bari Naresh (Ph.D from Osmania university) talked about “Cultivating Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment” through Education. Knowledge, Respect and Money possessed by every woman and civilization develops in the hands of them. In 1848, Jyothirao Govindrao Phule started to educate women through her wife, Savitribai Phule in Maharashtra.

Followed by Professor P. Narasimha Rao (Osmania University) discussed the issues of Women Farmers and Rural Women’s Contribution to the society. The notion of women being the weaker sex should be replaced by women with equal standards, respected with dignity in her own circle.

16th October : World Food Day and World day for the Eradication of Poverty
Raising awareness of food security and strengthening solidarity in the struggle against hunger

Day started with Sr. Anna John (incharge of Bethel Ashram), bible study on causes of poverty. The fields of the poor may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away (Proverbs 13: 23). Focuses on the vitality of hard work without laziness, recognize the God given talent and use it for him wisely.  

Dr. Naresh Byeri (Ph.D Osmania university) and Mrs.Usha Martha (Retd. Deputy director in Yojana Vidya) shared their thoughts on “Rural Women: Crucial partners in the fight against hunger and poverty”. Former compared the ancient lives of the people filled with healthy lifestyle and hard work with the recent centuries dependency towards machine which ultimately led us in poverty stricken environment. For every two minutes people are dying of hunger, hence, the old lifestyle should be revived. #letnoonesleephunger

Later, emphasis on the proper use of existing resources, eradicate illiteracy and cleanliness of the surroundings. Women should independent of men and to work hard to sustain family of her own. A widow from Maharashtra set an example - from a simple tea maker hails to be an international tea taster.

Rural women actively participated in rally with the vibrant slogans. The postal presentation by children of age 8 to 19, produced handmade postal encouraging women empowerment.

Mrs. Usha Matha shared her thoughts on “Perspective building on “Ending Poverty is a Question of Justice” through saving money, planned budgets. In order to increase the savings, women were encouraged to indulge in raising poultry, dress making and composite making. Also should stand on their own, to educate themselves, deduce the expense and being brave.

Rev. John.K. Mathew Katrapally missionary, women learn to stand on their own and to make the best use of the resources in their hand. Women Dare program on 9, 10 November at Vellore, women were invited to learn about the economic women’s empowerment. Rural women took oath on empowerment and self-reliance and the program ended with a word of thanks to the lord by Rev. John.K.Matthew.

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