International Day of Peace - Madhya Kerala Diocese
Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019

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As days go by, we travel through an era where nature in all its glory, is getting weak and depleting day by day. Even scientists can't figure out climate change. The plight of places which usually gets rain or snow or a sunny day, is different now, as they face new climatic scenarios which they're not used to. 

We humans are the only ones to blame. Destruction of nature due to Modern Infrastructure and development, is causing our mother nature to react in a negative way. Natural disasters and climate change won't affect the people who live in strong foundation laid houses, and work in Air-Conditioned office rooms. It affects the needy and poor first. Those that go for daily wage jobs and lives in mud houses, will easily get affected if they go through such changes. It takes way too much time for them, to adjust back to their old life. 

As such a painting exists, it is the responsibility of young people to come together and discuss about the characteristics, effects and the changes that can be brought forward for a brighter future.

The 'International day of Peace', was effectively carried out with the theme 'Climate action for peace', by the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese Youth Movement this 21st of September. 

The event saw the amalgamation of young people from 12 pastoral districts sharing their views and thoughts, through their creativity on Poster Designs. The Posters containing thought provoking concepts, gained much appreciation from the audience present. The event was organized under shades of trees, which very much promoted the connection between humans and nature. This gesture was a refreshing experience for the young people. Standing under the pillars of nature, the poster designs that were portrayed, gave a meaningful interpretation, where the thoughts in it, were conveyed really well. The art works that came out through our talented artists, was observed and commented, by over 250 youth members. 

Keeping in mind the 'International day of Peace', a sapling was planted in our Changanassery Youth Centre compound by our General Secretary Rev. Shibu P.L. He reminded that it's the Youth's responsibility to stand with the creator God, and conserve everything that he created.

As for the future, we are planning to do River Fellowships, planting trees, emphasizing and putting the 3 R's (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) into action, Carbon fasting, etc. The responsibility we have towards nature is not something that can be limited to one day, where we reminisce on some special occasion. It is our duty to connect more with nature, so that we understand more about it. If we fail to do so, the future generations will be living in such drastic conditions, which we can only 'imagine' in this present world. Their fingers would point to us for not taking necessary steps and actions in conserving nature and stopping human made disasters. We would be held responsible for the pain and suffering they would go through in the future. 

Let us try our best in bringing back the deformed and distorted nature to all its glory, and hand it over safely to the next generation. Let us pray and hope together for a brighter future.

Ms. Ansu Sara Oommen
LCP Youth
Madhya Kerala Diocese

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