International Day of Peace - Kanyakumari Diocese
Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019

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A One Day Workshop on Climate Action for Peace was held in Scott Christian College, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari to observe “International Day of Peace” based on the thirteenth Sustainable Development Goal of the UNO “Climate Action”. The day was observed with a workshop led by community development leaders followed by a drawing competition and was concluded by planting saplings.

The workshop began at 10.30 am in the ‘Eastaff Hall’ with a prayer by Rev. T. P. Salim Thanka Kumar, Chaplain, Scott Christian College and is then followed by a Welcome Address by Dr. J. Prema Kumari, Department of Chemistry, Scott Christian College. The Presidential Address was delivered by Dr. A. Moses Ezhil Raj, Vice Principal, Scott Christian College.

The Chief Guest’s Address was delivered by Dr. V. Jebamalai, Former Principal Adviser to the Director General, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna, Austria. He spoke on the disasters that have accumulated more of depression, unhappiness and stress among people disrupting the peace among nations. He said that Amazon Forests were burned down on purpose by the locals and also people from other nations to develop the area for infrastructural development. He explained about the ‘Montreal Protocol’ and the ‘Kyoto Protocol’ which are necessary means to preserve peace. He also explained about Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and its role for nation building and also for peace. He concluded by saying to the students that nature disturbs us because we disturb it and says that there must be restoration to the imbalance between nature and man and to restore this balance one must help nature gain its end by planting more trees than cutting them down.    

The Guest of Honour’s Address was delivered by Rev. Duds Gnana Roby, Director, Youth Concern, Kanyakumari Diocese. He spoke about the effects of pollution and the scarcity of water. He said that we are not environmentally friendly and that this is the basic problem which caused climate change. He then said that in order to preserve peace we must “stop, start and must proceed”. We must ‘Stop’ violence against creation for any sort of profit; we must ‘Start’ planting new trees and must ‘Proceed’ with taking care of it on a daily basis. 

Dr. Andrew Spencer, Scientific Officer, Kerala State Disaster Management Authority, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He explained about the disasters that are pertaining in the state of Kerala and how people have been suffering due to the destruction caused by natural disasters. He gave an awareness of the climate issues at hand and to also describe the measures that has to be taken in order to preserve peace between man and nature. He gave insight and solutions to face natural disasters, he said that every state or nation can have a stronghold during disasters that is “Built Back Better Mechanisms” which would help to maintain a strong foundation during times of crisis and calamities. He addressed the students and faculties of the institution about the challenges faced by people because of the unpredictable actions of nature and asked everyone to plant new plants and to also preserve existing trees for a safer future.

The programme was later followed with a drawing competition where selected students from various colleges participated and have won exciting prizes for the best drawing on the topic “Climate Action for Peace”. The Judges for the competition were Dr. Ragel Mabel Saroja, HoD, Department of Chemistry, Scott Christian College, Dr. L. Judith Sophia, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Scott Christian College and Dr. L. Chitta, Assistant Professor, Scott Christian College. The judgement was made based on the topic at hand.

During the competition a group of students, faculty and esteemed guests were accompanied out to plant new saplings to observe “International Day of Peace”. A total of 25 fruit yielding plants such as (guava, pomegranate, custard apple and mango) were planted inside the college campus. The saplings were sponsored by Thiru. L. Raja, Additional Director, TANGEDCO, India.

The workshop was concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Suhash. S, PhD Scholar in English Literature, Scott Christian College; LCP member, CSI-SEVA.  

Climate Action for Peace: Plan of Action – 2019-2020

A plan of action was derived out of the program. Rev Duds Gnana Roby, Director, Youth Concern, Kanyakumari Diocese along with CSI-SEVA, LCP youth from Kanyakumari diocese have planned to plant 1 lakh trees within one year in the district of Kanyakumari.

  1. To create awareness through workshops among the children and youth by visiting schools and colleges in Kanyakumari. (feedback and responses from the students and youth groups through ‘skits and choreography’)
  2. Church Youth Groups, Volunteers will be trained to preserve existing plants and to initiate planting of more saplings throughout the year. (Extended Project)
  3. Saplings will be given out during “Endeavour Youth Fellowship Movement” during the 1st week of February 2020 in Kanyakumari.
  4. Instead of Prizes “Green Awards” (variety of plants) will be given.
  5. A mass Rally for “Climate Action for Peace” will take place from Kanyakumari to Kalliakavillai.

Mr. Suhash S
LCP Youth
Kanyakumari Diocese

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