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CSI 70 Year Art Camp begins at Synod Centre
Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

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Sixty artists and sculptors from the five different states of South India who belong to the Church of South India gathered in the CSI Synod Centre to do a wide variety of painting and sculptors to commemorate the seven decades of the CSI. The ‘CSI 70 Years Arts Camp’ organised by the Synod Communication Department titled “Brush, Paint and Canvas: Harmony of Justice and Peace”, was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda in a function chaired by Rt. Rev. A. C. Solomon Raj, the Chairperson of the Communication Department and the Bishop in Medak. The inaugural worship was lead by Rev. Sunil Raj Philip, The Director of the Department.  Rev Maxcin John led the meditation, who began his words by asking a pertinent question about art and its relation to almighty God.  ‘What is art' was the initial query echoed during the meditation discussion. The sermon brought out the wonderful idea of the relation between art and God. He portrayed God as a great artist who created the universe from chaos, beautiful world from nothingness and finally he exhorted that the purpose of an artist is to take part in God's creative endeavour.

In the inaugural function, Rt. Rev. A. C. Solomon Raj made a remarkable note on the importance of communication. He also stressed upon the need to celebrate the historical moment in CSI life by unleashing creativity and identifying creative spirit through art, which is an important resource for communication.

The inaugural address was delivered by Rev. Dr. Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda, who reiterated the concept of God as the great artist. As his address set the pretext for the camp, he stressed up on the different social and cultural aspects of art. He related art with six social functions, to begin with, he said that art is a medium of imagination where an artist has the liberty to imagine and create artifacts from nothingness. Moreover, he attempted to establish the biblical truth behind creation. The second function that he reiterated was the relationship between art and communication, where he provided examples of how art could convey messages and taking its role in communication. The third concept revolved around the idea of art as the tool for expression, where one unleashes his imaginative power that eventually transforms society. This was followed by the next concept of art as protest, where he focused on the necessity of art that stand against exploitation and marginalisation. One could also consider art for liberation by identifying the liberating potential art often provides. The concluding idea was art as a resource for affection. The speech was followed by felicitations by Rev. James Cecil Victor, Rev Solomon Paul and Rev. Maxcin John.

The camp, which is started today will last until 25th of July. The artists and sculptors are creatively engaged in responding to the social issues with the perspective of Christian spirituality.