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MITHRA Embraces, Educates and Enables
Saturday, May 06, 2017

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The Intervention of CSI Synod Youth Department in making the life of Migrants and refugee communities a better one had organised a community development program for the Migrant and refugee settlements situated in Antergaon, CSI Karimnagar Diocese from 24th to 30th April 2017 at the CSI Day care centre. Various programs were initiated for the whole community to embrace educate and enable them on various aspects of life.

A Children and Youth camp was conducted at the day care centre on the above mentioned dates. Around 130 children and youths from the migrant communities and the other weaker sections from all faiths were a part of this camp. Motivational classes and bible lessons were taught with various activities to inspire these young minds to build their confidence and self-esteem.

Every day during the evenings, team of youngsters visited the nearby villages to perform ‘Street theatre’ on the CSI Synod campaigns namely Girl child campaign and YaAA Campaign. This initiative was applauded and well received by the local people opined that these creative skits and performances have really educated them.

A medical camp with the help of a professional and committed medical team organised under the leadership of Rev. Priscilla Rueben Mark, the Bishop amma of the diocese was indeed a fruitful one. It paved way for the migrant settlers to come and avail free health check-ups and medicines for the same. Many elderly people who were a part of this medical camp with gratitude thanked the church for this initiative as availing medicines and professional care was a big challenge for them due to their socio-economic and ill-health conditions.

Providing safe drinking water for the children and these migrant communities was yet another initiative by MITHRA. A RO water plant inaugurated by the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Rueben Mark, was set up to purify the already existing ground water in making water a safe one for the daily use of these vulnerable communities.

Providing nutritious food in a setting where poverty is in a high rate through MITHRA was yet another objective of this program. Everyday breakfast and lunch with snacks were provided to the children and the Youth for their nourishment. Through this, MITHRA was able to cater not just to the spiritual and psychological needs but also the physical needs of these people. Puppet shows, Inspirational videos and movies were also screened during these days in the evenings to help the children and the Youth grow in Knowledge and awareness.

The final day was a grand celebration of talent witnessed by the villagers and the Bishop of Karimnagar Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Rueben Mark Thandrigaru. The Bishop in his address exhorted the community and acknowledged the work of the Synod Youth Department and the local organizing committee for its meticulous implementation of this program.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Reuben Mark Thandrigaru, Bishop of CSI Karimnagar Diocese, and its officers including the Pastorate Chairperson of Ramagundam pastorate Rev. Satish and the Evangelist cum day care centre In-charge Mr. Emmanuel wholeheartedly journeyed along with the Synod Youth Department in this entire process of planning and implementing this program. The Synod Youth Department acknowledges their contributions and their partnership in making this program a success. A special thanks to the dedicated youngsters of Karimnagar Diocese for joining hands with the Synod Youth Department in the entire process to embrace, educate and enable this community.

Rev. Solomon Paul J
CSI Synod Youth Department