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DISHA Discusses Disability Inclusion Toolkit.
Wednesday, Mar 29, 2017

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The Disability Intervention for solidarity and Holistic Accompaniment (DISHA), CSI’s disability Programme, discussed the “Disability Inclusion Toolkit” on March 6th, 2017 at the CSI Centre in the presence of Rev. Priscilla Rueben, President, Women Fellowship, Karimnagar Diocese who briefed the CSI SEVA, heads of special institutions  of CSI dioceses of Madras, Dornakal, South Kerala Diocese and the Madurai-Ramnad (MRD).  The “Disability Inclusion Toolkit” is a resource material prepared by the  Engage Disability which is a fellowship of several stakeholders like Christian Organizations, churches Medical Institutions, Theological Colleges etc.,

Rev. Ruben explained the “Disability Inclusion Toolkit” which provides information and guidelines on Biblical and faith principles of disability, inclusive Church ministries, health care and rehabilitation, personal development and family life, education, Livelihood, employment and leisure.

Furthermore Rev. Dayalan Barnabas, MRD, explained the application of the Toolkit in the institutions through the  Observance of children’s Disability Sunday.

The group discussed and decided to implement the eight components in the disability Inclusion Toolkit during the CSI Disability Octave from October to December 2017 to realize a more inclusive church.


Mr. John Samadhanam

Programme Executive