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Visit of EMS/EYVP coordinator Ms. Kathrin Lehrbach from 8th Feb to 11th Feb 2017
Tuesday, Feb 21, 2017

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Brief report on the visit of EMS/EYVP coordinator from 8th Feb to 11th Feb 2017.

On 8th morning a team consisted of Ms. Kathrin Lehrbach, Co ordinator EYVP/EMS , Rev. Solomon Paul , Director CSI Department of Youth, CSI Synod, Mr. Anil Charles Director, CSIBCC and Ms. Sowmini , Programme Executive , CSI BCC started their journey from Bangalore at 6:15 AM and reached Udupi at 1:00 PM. 

Visit to Asha Nilaya (Project No 20069) Udupi, Karnataka Southern Diocese.

The team visited Asha Nilaya School and Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Mentally Challenged (Project No 20069) Udupi,. It is a KNH supported project. The guests were welcomed by school children with band and march-past.. There are 95 children in the project of which 55 children are under KNH sponsorship. There are 22 staffs working in this project as Child care workers, special educators, care takers and cooks. The Staff and children welcomed the guests along with Mr. Reginald Soans Project Co ordinator of KSD.

Some of the important Highlights during visit

The staff team has arranged a felicitation function and also a visit to the entire project area.

During the visit, we were reminded that this project received a “State Award” of Karnataka for the excellent services rendered to the intellectually challenged children.

Ms. Kathrin Lehrbach: She said that children are gifted children and they are special in every way gifted with best talents. She appreciated the staff for their commitment and determination and said they are the best parents in taking care of these children with patience.

Mr. Anil Charles congratulated the children and staff for receiving Award for the Project and appreciated the staff and children for their talented gifts and in taking care of the children well.

Rev. Solomon Paul appreciated all the staff in the project and the services they are rendering in the project.

The speech and physiotherapy support and assistance is been offered by the interns of Manipal Institute twice in a week to these children on regular basis.

These children are taught phenyol making, gardening, book binding, paper bag making, cow rearing, and other flower handicrafts.

It is appreciated that the children have displayed the craft work beautifully in the handicraft room.

Children participate in extracurricular activities and are taught spiritual songs, yoga, dance, and computer. Educational Film shows are also screened for the benefit of the children.

We thank the local management committee, diocese and the project for their support, co operation and hospitality extended to us during the visit.

Visit to CSI Boys Boarding Home, Udupi, Karnataka Southern Diocese

In the evening we have visited EMS supported Project CSI Boys Boarding Home (Project No 4016), Udupi. This project is catering to the needs of 50 residential children.

The project staff has arranged a function and children welcomed us playing amazing spiritual songs. Children have learnt different musical instruments and the child care worker encourages the children to learn and enhance their talents which are appreciated.

Important Highlights during visit:

While greeting children Ms. Kathrin said that she was very happy listening to the songs and music and seeing children with good talents and gifted with music. She offered greetings from EMS, Germany; she conveyed her good wishes to children and advised them to concentrate on education.

Mr. Anil Charles, Director CSIBCC has conveyed his greetings, appreciations and wished them all the best.

Rev. Solomon Paul, Director CSI Department of youth conveyed his greetings and shared two moral and value based stories with the children and encouraged them to grow in the spiritual life.

A fellowship dinner was arranged for all which was sponsored by a local likeminded family.

Visit to CSI Bethania Students Home, Kannur, Malabar Diocese

On the 09th Feb 2017 we started from Udupi at 7:30 am and reached Kannur at 1:00 pm. We visited CSI Bethania Students Home, (Project No 4014) Kannur, Kerala. This project is supported by EMS Germany and is catering to the needs of 25 residential children.

After the warm welcome and lunch, we had a meeting with warden and other staff of the project. Ms. Kathrin Lehrbach shared few important points with Mrs. Pushpa, In charge of the project and learned about Ms. Jamima who is there as EMS Volunteer and her involvement with the children in the project.

In the evening children performed dances for both secular and spiritual songs.

We thank the Bishop of Malabar Diocese, the, Project Co ordinator and Local management committee for extending hospitality, co operation and support while visiting the project.

CSI Hardwicke Boys Boarding Home & CSI Wesley Girls Boarding Home, Mysore, Karnataka Southern Diocese

On the 10th Feb we started from Kannur to Mysore at 8:30 AM and reached Mysore at 1: 30PM. After lunch Ms. Kathrin Lehrbach and Ms. Sowmini Programme Executive visited the project Hardwicke Boys Boarding Home (Project No 20054), Mysore. Ms. Kathrin Lehrbach had wonderful chance to interact with Mr. Devarathana, in-charge child care worker and could discussed about the challenges faced during the volunteers’ stay in the project. Later Mr. Anil Charles, Director CSIBCC and Rev Solomon Paul joined the team and had a overview of all the developmental work of the project and appreciated the staff.

The team also visited the CSI Wesely Girls Boarding Home (Project No 20056), Mysore  and appreciated the progress of the  Project and also appreciated the staff for taking care of the children with care. They appreciated especially the cook and helper for providing nutritious food for the children and taking care of them well. Overall infrastructure and activities programs developmental work done  in the project was appreciated.

In the evening at 5: 00 PM both the projects have arranged a program in Hardwicke Boys Boarding Home, Mysore. Rev. Sujathamma , Vice President, Rev William Clary , Diocesan Secretary and   Rev Gurushanth, Area Chairmen Ms. Kathrin, Mr. Anil Charles, Rev Solomon Paul,  Ms. Sowmini, Mr.Devarathana Incharge Child Care Worker, Hardwicke Boys boarding Boys Home and Mrs. Geetha Srinivas In charge Child Care Worker , CSI Wesley Girls Boarding Home  were present in this program. 

The Program started with opening prayer by Rev. Sujathamma. Rev William Clary,  Diocesan Secretary introduced and greeted the guests.  The guests shared their experiences and gave some advices to the children to become a successful in life.  All the guests were felicitated during the program

Important Highlights of the Program:

Ms. Kathrin was happy to see children and the development in the Project. She also brought greetings from EMS. She appreciated the staff for their commitment and determination in taking care of the children and providing all needs to the children.

Mr. Anil Charles shared some important elements for the growth of the children. He mentioned to follow the discipline and walk with truth and follow Jesus as a good example. He encouraged the children to develop good habits of Head, Heart, Hand and Legs to do well.

Rev. Solomon Paul shared about a beautiful story about the potter and clay and how the children can shape their life .

Children performed a cultural dance both from girls and boys boarding home.

And we thank the Bishop, Project coordinator, staff and children for extending their co operation and support.

Vote of thanks was offered by Mrs. Geetha and closing prayer and benediction was offered Rev Solomon Paul.

Visit to Mysore, Srirangapatnam

A local tour was arranged for Ms. Kathrin and Ms. Sowmini. They have visited some important and historical places and returned to Bangalore on Saturday the 11th night.

Altogether, this visit of EMS Coordinator was useful to us in terms of learning and sharing experiences about EYVP and future endeavors.

E. Anil Kumar Charles                                                               Rev. Solomon Paul
Director, CSIBCC                                                                        Director, Youth Dept